The Top Six Causes Of Cavities

We’ve all been told that eating too much sugar causes cavities. While sugar certainly has some ability to damage your pearly whites, did you know that there are other significant causes of cavities? Big Red Tooth is a leading cosmetic, family and pediatric dentist in Johannesburg. As a trusted team of dental professionals, we are here to share some of the top causes of cavities you should avoid at all costs! 

Poor Oral Hygiene

A good oral hygiene routine is the first step in keeping cavities at bay. We recommend brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth out with mouthwash at least twice daily to keep plaque and bacteria from building up on your teeth and causing cavities to form.


Lacking Nutrition

To have strong, healthy teeth, you need to feed your body everything it needs to make that happen. Maintain a diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables filled with all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to build stronger teeth. Remember, strong teeth are happy teeth less prone to cavities!


Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw (bruxism) can gradually damage the enamel of your teeth, leaving them brittle and prone to breaking. With your teeth in a weakened state, they are that much more likely to develop cavities or other dental problems.


Brushing Too Vigorously

Overbrushing your teeth is a big no-no for many reasons. Brushing too hard can strip back the enamel on your teeth and cause your gums to recede. With your teeth and gums in a vulnerable state, you leave yourself more susceptible to cavities.



Genetics can play a big role in whether or not a person develops cavities. Unfortunately, some people’s genetic makeup leaves them predisposed and vulnerable to cavities. For these people, it is important to take extra care when it comes to their teeth, being sure to maintain good oral hygiene and taking the appropriate steps to keeping their teeth strong and healthy.


Skipping The Dentist

Regular dentist visits are key to preventing cavities. Your dentist uses professional tools during your checkups and cleanings to clean your teeth, removing plaque buildup more effectively than brushing and flossing at home can. Without regular checkups and cleanings at the dentist, you will develop cavities that could end up infected!

At Big Red Tooth, we are passionate about gentle, painless dental care. Our very own Dr Ebrahim Boda is our cosmetic, paediatric and family dentistry wizard, magically transforming meddlesome maws into smiling successes. When you visit Big Red Tooth for your dental care, you will walk out of our doors smiling from ear to ear. If you are looking for a reliable pediatric dentist in Sandton, pay a visit to Big Red Tooth, and we will take care of you. Whether you need a routine check-up or have a pesky cavity giving you trouble, you can trust us to take the very best care of your smile.