Layla Boda

Managing Director

The extraordinary Managing Director of the Big Red Tooth Centre for Advanced Oral Health Excellence. With a plethora of skills and expertise, Layla is a force to be reckoned with in the dental world.

Not only does Layla excel in dentistry at Big Red Tooth, but she also takes on the role of Managing Director and founder of the Save-A-Life Foundation. This foundation engages in various projects aimed at improving lives, including a children’s home, an emergency medical response unit, a crisis and disaster response unit, and a feeding scheme. Layla ensures that everyone receives dental care and has access to essential support, bringing joy and assistance to those in need.

Layla’s dedication extends beyond her work at Big Red Tooth and the Save-A-Life Foundation. She also holds a high-ranking executive position at the Disability Information Support Association (DISA), where she advocates for individuals with disabilities, ensuring they have the information and resources they need to thrive in the world, while also promoting dental hygiene.

Additionally, Layla has founded the Big Red Tooth Foundation, which takes oral health excellence to new heights. Like a dental fairy godmother, she uses her expertise to ensure that everyone’s smiles shine brighter than ever before.

With an impressive list of qualifications, Layla possesses a diverse range of certifications from medical, fire, to security fields. Her extensive training makes her a dental superhero, devoted to protecting and preserving Health in all forms.

In her personal life, Layla may not be the next golf champion, but she excels at supporting her avid golfer husband, Dr. Ebrahim Boda, with snacks and enthusiasm. She is the true MVP of the golf course. When she’s not saving teeth and managing foundations, Layla cherishes every moment creating memories with her children, bringing laughter and joy to her already action-packed and delightful life.

So there you have it, Layla Boda, the extraordinary Managing Director at the Big Red Tooth Centre for Advanced Oral Health Excellence. She is a dental superhero, a foundation founder, a disability advocate, and an honorary tooth fairy. With Layla leading the way, Big Red Tooth is sure to make the world smile brighter, one tooth at a time, while spreading laughter and joy along the way.